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Clinical Teaching Track Procedure

The Clinical Teaching Track is intended for non-tenure track faculty who participate in a broad range of teaching, service, and scholarly activities. Clinical Teaching Track (CTT) appointees have comparable ranks to tenured faculty (i.e. Assistant, Associate and Full Professor).

Instructors interested in applying either for a CTT position or CTT faculty for promotion shall notify the Dean and Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs in June (for fall review) or August (for spring review) of the school year, to permit time to form an Ad Hoc Clinical Teaching Promotion Review Committee. The candidate shall then submit a dossier in compliance with SEHD Clinical Teaching Track promotion criteria.

The Dean will consult and consider the recommendations of an Ad Hoc Clinical Track Teaching Promotion Review Committee for promotions within the clinical teaching track. The committee will consist of three clinical track faculty members, three tenure track faculty members, one associate dean from the faculty’s program area, and one external reviewer from the university at large who understands the CTT role. A chair will be selected by the committee to facilitate the review. The committee will review the candidate’s dossier and discuss and vote on promotion based on SEHD Clinical Teaching Track promotion criteria. The vote will be taken by secret ballot. The Chair of the committee will report the committee’s recommendation and findings in a letter included in the candidate’s dossier. The committee chair will then forward the dossier to the Dean.

The Dean will appoint an Ad Hoc Dean’s Review Committee to aid in the next step of evaluation. The review committee may consist of faculty members who understand the CTT role.

The Dean’s Review committee will report the committee’s vote and findings in a letter included in the candidate’s dossier. The Dean’s recommendation will include the results of the votes of the candidate’s primary unit and the Dean’s Review Committee.

Once appointed to CTT, the candidate may apply for promotion from Assistant to Associate Professor after a minimum of three years from the date of appointment, and from Associate to Full professor after an additional minimum of three years.

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