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Employee Onboarding


  • Benefits overview and enrollment: Employees can view the benefits training video series separately from the New Employee Orientation. Videos are 8-21 minutes long and focused on specific topics. New employees are encouraged to reach out to the benefits professionals at with any questions they have regarding their benefit elections. Employees must enroll in benefits within 31 days of their hire date.
  • Does your hire date fall between April 22, 2024 and June 1, 2024? You will need to consider your new hire enrollment, in addition to your open enrollment, for the new plan year that begins July 1, 2024, and runs through June 30, 2025. Please follow the steps carefully using this guide: New Hire Open Enrollment Guidelines (
  • Employee Services (for information regarding benefits, retirement, payroll and more)

Pay and leave accrual timing

  • The majority of full-time employees at CU are paid once a month, on the last business day of that month. Please check your offer letter for the details of your specific pay timing, and let SEHD HR know if you have questions (
  • Many full-time employees accrue vacation and other leave once a month for the month prior. The full policy document for all employee types is available here: If you are a staff member or 12-month faculty member, your leave is tracked through the MyLeave tile in your employee portal ( Please see your welcome email from sehd hr for details about setting up your MyLeave, and let us know if you have questions (

Employee Advantage Perks, Discounts and Programs

Other resources that may not be shown on the Employee Advantage site:

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Creating a productive remote office space

University Information

Food Services

Safety and Distress Resources

Faculty and Staff Threat (FaST) Assessment and Response Team

In cases with Immediate threat to physical safety or actual harm conducted​: Call 911 or Auraria Campus Police: 303-556-5000

The Faculty and Staff Threat (FaST) Assessment and Response Team works to coordinate safety and support functions concerning workplace behaviors indicating a faculty or staff member poses a danger to themselves or others or who are exhibiting threatening, worrisome or other concerning behavior. Concern about faculty or staff behavior can be reported to campus human resources team via the following methods. *Please do not expect an immediate response from this team.

Phone: 303-315-FAST (3278)

Additional crisis and emergency resources here are located here:

Identify and respond to students in distress

Resources for faculty & staff to Recognize, Respond, Refer “the Red Folder” -

When you become worried about a student, deciding when to intervene can be confusing. Additionally, the number of resources available to assist students can be overwhelming. The CARE Team is here to help: Campus Assessment, Response & Evaluation Team

Campus Safety

New To Colorado?

Area Information

Public Schools and Resources

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