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Supervisor Onboarding Checklist


After New Hire Accepts

Upon Arrival

  • Invite the new employee to complete a Faculty/Staff Bio Form to request to be added to the directory on
  • Talk with current team members about the new employee’s role and responsibilities. Remind team to update e-mail groups. Identify at least one individual who will act as a key contact for the new hire.
  • During Employee's First Day
    • Personally welcome the new hire when they arrive and show the employee their work area
    • Describe the orientation plan for the first few days
    • Introduce co-workers and take on a tour of the department (pointing out kitchen areas, restrooms, and emergency exits, etc.)
    • Give a simple initial work assignment
    • Allow time for the employee to set up work space, voicemail, email, and get ID/access card
    • Meet with employee at the end of the day to answer questions and find out how the day went
  • Plan a Welcome Lunch (optional)
  • Orientation & Trainings
    • Plan out the first few weeks of tasks for your new hire, keep in mind that the employee will also be expected to attend New Employee Orientation and complete mandatory online trainings as required by SEHD HR. Please allow the employee time for these extra tasks.
  • Professional Plan
    • Classified/University staff are expected to submit their professional plan within 31 days of employment. Please work with your new hire to create a plan by the requested deadline.
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