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Here are two short on-demand video courses that provide an overview of CU’s current leave options:



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Temporary workers

Temporary positions are typically limited to nine (9) months of continuous employment with a four month break. Temporary employees are paid on a bi-weekly/hourly basis. Hours worked can be any amount and can exceed an average of 30 hours a week. This type of position is not eligible for benefits, except sick leave according to the Healthy Families and Workplaces Act. Full guidance about temp appointments is available here.

This is a possible solution for a student employee who is graduating and no longer eligible to work a student appointment, but whose department wishes for them to continue working on a temporary basis.

To request a temporary employee, please complete the Hire Form here, using Request Type: Temp Hire

Workers Compensation

Please contact your SEHD HR team right away if you have a workplace injury.

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