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Mental Health and Well-Being Resources

We have mental health resources available to support you. You can find them on our human resources website under the “Crisis/Mental Health Resources” tab.

You will find additional mental health resources under the “COVID-19 Resources” section on our home page under “Mental Health and Wellness.”

New in 2021: You.UCDenver.Edu

This tool has been available to our student community for some time, and we are very happy to announce a version of You@CU Denver and You@CU Anschutz to support the unique health and well-being needs of faculty and staff

Flexible Work Arrangements


Supervisor Resources

Family Medical Leave (FML) Policies

Information Technology Policy

Leave Policies

MyLeave Guidance

Performance Management


Supervisor Toolkits

Outside Consultation, Research, Clinical and Other Work

Student Supervisor Resources

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