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Performance Management

Resources regarding Professional plans, evaluations, etc. for University Staff & Classified Staff

  • How to write SMART Goals. SMART goals are:
  • Specific (Who is involved, what should be accomplished, where will this occur?)
  • Measurable (Establish criteria for measuring outcomes and how to determine if objective is achieved'. 'E.g. how much, how many, how do you know when it is accomplished?)
  • Ambitious/Attainable(Motivating but realistically attainable)
  • Results-Oriented/Relevant/Realistic(Aligns with the bigger picture. What is the expected result?)
  • Timely (Includes a specific time-frame for achieving objectives)

SEHD's University Staff Performance Development & Management tool (new all-in-one tool from Denver campus HR in 2023, includes what we previously called the Professional Plan and Performance Evaluation ). This link goes to an excel file which will download in a new window.

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