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Technology & Learning

The Technology & Learning team provides service and support for Information Technology (IT) as well as digital teaching & learning.

The team coordinates the acquisition, installation, or repair of ANY/ALL technology for the SEHD - employees, classrooms, teams, grants, etc. We are your liaison with the Office of Information Technology (OIT), CU Facilities, and respective vendors/partners. Our IT service areas include web development, data management/security, facility design/maintenance, employee computing/printing, student computing/printing and related support services. We operate SEHDHELP@UCDENVER.EDU to track and process all of your tech needs - drop us a line if you have tech questions, problems, or requests.

We also assists with digital teaching and learning in the SEHD. We consult on the development of accessible online learning materials such as Canvas courses and media production. We lead and coordinate student assistants via the Learning Agency - a for-hire learning design and technology student-team. The Agency is as an extension of the SEHD's Learning Design & Technology MA program.

Technology & Learning Team

  • Brad Hinson, Director
  • Matt Mitchell, Web & Data Services
  • Dan Aldrich, User Computing & Classroom Technology
  • Rosanna Miiller-Salas, Instructional Design, Learning Agency, & Accessibility
  • Paul Zastrocky, IT Support & Instructional Support Services

Technology Support Services

Help and/or Training

Send requests to SEHDHELP@UCDENVER.EDU, call 303-315-6350, or come see us in LSC724. Sorry, no house-calls. We cannot help with personal property (home computers, networks, or equipment) or university property that is not on-site.

Equipment Checkout

Faculty may check-out data projectors, tablets, web-cams, and audio/video equipment for conferences or special-events. Checkout timeframes are generally short-term (1 - 2 weeks).

Technology Purchasing

  • All technology purchases must be approved and processed via the SEHD Technology & Learning Team.
  • Hardware is purchased by the team via the CU Marketplace with approved vendors - Dell, Apple, etc.
  • Software purchases require consultation and approval with (a) the SEHD Technology & Learning Team, (b) OIT Risk and Compliance (RAC), and © the Procurement Service Center (PSC). Each entity will review and approve/deny a software purchase request, an the processes can take 3 to 6 weeks. The SEHD Technology & Learning Team will guide/lead the processes with the various parties.
  • Reimbursements for personal technology purchases are not allowed, unless pre-approved by SEHD Finance and/or SEHD Technology & Learning.
  • All technology purchases are considered university property and will be inventoried, tagged, updated, tracked and returned to the university upon request.
  • Use of any university technology is mandated to follow appropriate-use as defined by law and university policy.

Employee Computing

Full-time/permanent employees are provided a baseline laptop and software setup at the point of hire. Employees may opt for a Mac or Windows laptop within a budget allowance of $1800. This allocation may also purchase an external monitor and/or laptop dock. Costs or configurations that exceed the $1800 allowance can be accommodated with program/department/PD funds and approval from the employee’s program/department. We cover the first $1800, you cover the rest.

Employee computer replacements are scheduled for every 4 years, as resources allow. Additional devices purchased with professional development funds, program funds, grant monies, or other sources outside of SEHD Technology & Learning are not on our replacement cycle.

Laptop computers are preferred over desktop computers, for mobility and use in BYOD facilities. BYOD = Bring Your Own Device - classrooms/meeting rooms in which no computer is provided - plugin your laptop to use the room.

Employee Printing

Network copiers/printers are located on each floor of the SEHD. Printing and copying are billed to your program. You will be provided a program-code upon hire and the closest copier/printer will be pre-configured on your laptop. We do not provide supplies or direct support for personal/office printers.

Network Storage

  • Individuals - Each CU employee an student are allocated 1 Terabyte (TB) of secure, personal storage via Microsoft OneDrive . This is not a shared storage space - only the individual has access.
  • Workgroups - Teams may use Microsoft Teams for collaboration, coordination, and file storage. Each Team has a respective file repository (upper-middle tab).
  • File Share (discontinued) - File storage for workgroups via the Q:\ or T:\ drives on SEHD computers is still active, but is phasing out. Microsoft Teams is the preferred and supported platform going forward.

Student Computing & Printing

  • 12 Student computers and a network printer are available in the Lawrence Street Center (LSC) Student Commons (Mac & PC),
  • All tuition-paying students receive $35 per semester for printing, scanning, and copying needs. All SEHD students receive an additional $35 per semester for printing, scanning, and copying. Balances do not carry over from semester to semester. Students may print from any computer lab on campus, including in the LSC Student Commons.


All classrooms and conference rooms have standard smart room components, including a data projector, computer, cameras, and laptop input (minimum). Additional equipment is available in some rooms or available for check-out. Use your University username/pass to login to smart room computers.

  • Classrooms (LSC600, LSC648, LSC700, LSC745, LSC1150)
  • Conference Rooms (LSC620, LSC1148)
  • Open Computer Lab (7th Floor)
  • Community Room (LSC710)
  • Digital Atelier (LSC 1100)

Core Systems


Unique circumstances sometimes present exceptions to policies & procedures. Submit exception requests to the Assistant Dean of Digital Learning & Technology ( with your respective Associate Dean or supervisor cc’d.

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